About Marin Bayland Advocates

About Marin Bayland Advocates
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About Marin Baylands Advocates

Marin Baylands Advocates (MBA) is an all volunteer group of environmentalists in Marin County, California. We are dedicated to permanently protecting baylands along the eastern shoreline of Marin County, bordering San Pablo and San Francisco Bays.

Together with our fiduciary agent, the Marin Audubon Society (MAS), we achieve our goals by raising funds from individuals and foundations to acquire privately owned bayland properties, and to educate about the value of baylands.

Since our inception, Marin Baylands Advocates has saved and helped to save 8 separate properties totaling more than 2000 acres, plus 14 small wetland and associated upland properties throughout Marin on which owners had defaulted on property taxes.

Permanently protected habitat is a gift for all of us, one that will live on to benefit all future generations. Our work will enable you, your family, and all future generations to enjoy the wildlife, habitat environments, and expansive views of the Bay and Marin County's Open Space.

We invite you to read more about our successes and our current projects, to learn more about baylands. We invite you to read more about our work and our goals for the future. Please join us in this urgent - and wonderful - effort to save Marin County's Baylands.