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About Marin Bayland Advocates
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Marin Baylands Advocates has been instrumental in acquiring the following properties:

Corte Madera Ecological Reserve Expansion Project
A 5.2-acre site purchased in 2015 for $1,075,000. The site is being restored to expand tidal marsh and transition/refuge habitat.

Triangle Marsh:
A 31-acre site purchased in 1999 for $750,000. The filled portions of this site are being restored to tidal marsh and transition/refuge habitat.

Bel Marin Keys:
In 2001, MBA provided publicity and fundraising assistance to the California Coastal Conservancy for purchase of this 1,613-acre bayland, which will be incorporated into the adjacent 900-acre Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project, creating a spectacular 2,300-acre wetland.

Atherton Avenue Bayland:
An 84-acre site in unincorporated Novato purchased in 2000 for $380,000.

Olive Avenue Wetland:
A 19-acre site purchased in 2002 for $315,000.

Mission Valley Bayland:
A 60-acre parcel donated to Marin Audubon Society by the Fryer Trust in September 2003.

MBA and MAS are attempting to combine the Atherton, Olive, and Mission Valley wetlands with two other properties to create a 270-acre habitat corridor, called the SIMMONS SLOUGH CORRIDOR, comprising the floodplain of Simmons Slough. The baylands will be enhanced as seasonal wetland habitat.

One of Marin County's most environmentally significant properties, Bahia contains 335 acres of diked bayland plus 297 acres of associated upland and seasonal wetlands. Bahia was purchased in 2003 for $15.8 million. MAS plans to restore the wetlands to diked tidal marsh. After purchase, 361.66 acres were transferred to the California Department of Fish and Game, and 207.6 acres to the Marin Open Space District. MAS retains and manages 61.8 acres.

Petaluma Marsh:
This 180-acre parcel was purchased in September 2003 from Waste Management, Inc., for $275,000. Marin Audubon will restore 100 acres of diked baylands to tidal marsh. The remaining 80 acres is existing tidal marsh.