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About Marin Bayland Advocates

About Marin Bayland Advocates
Marins Baylands

How You Can Help


Marin Baylands Advocates needs help protecting the remaining baylands of Marin County. Your tax deductible donation of any amount will be used to save baylands habitat, and the wildlife that depends on it for habitat. Please donate today by sending your:

Checks, payable to :
Mail to:
Marin Baylands Advocates
P.O. Box 2598
Mill Valley, CA 94942

Your donation will be tax-deductible and benefit Marin Baylands acquisitions. Because Marin Baylands is an all-volunteer group, contributions are used entirely to assist with acquisitions.

Marin Baylands Fund at the Marin Community Foundation

Marin Baylands Advocates no longer has a fund at the Marin Community Foundation. Donation checks to MBA will now be deposited in the Marin Baylands Advocates� bank account and all donations will be tax deductible under the 501c3 status (Tax ID# 94-6076664) of the Marin Audubon Society, which has been the fiscal agent for MBA since its beginning.

For 25 years Marin Baylands Advocates maintained the Marin Baylands Fund, a donor directed fund at the Marin Community Foundation, for a modest fee. We were recently informed the Foundation will be significantly raising the annual fee for fund management. They say they are not equipped to handle a lot of checks. The increased cost is far in excess of what MBA can justify. Other organizations in our circumstances were similarly advised.

All donations made to Marin Baylands Advocates will continue to be dedicated to the protection, acquisition and restoration of Marin's baylands.