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About Marin Bayland Advocates

About Marin Bayland Advocates
Marins Baylands

How You Can Help


"Our economic well-being and quality of life largely depend on our nation's wealth of natural resources, and wetlands are the vital link between our land and water resources."
United States Environmental Protection Agency

  1. Learn about your baylands. Visit and get to know a bayland property near you. Read about wetlands at libraries, museums, and aquariums. See firsthand how important Baylands are in your life.

  2. Get involved! Join the effort to save baylands.

  3. Donate to Marin Baylands Advocates. Attend Marin Baylands Advocates meetings to see how you can help.

  4. Support wetlands and watershed protection initiatives by public agencies and private organizations.

  5. Go on a baylands walk. If you see anything abnormal (such as dead fish, oil spills, leaking barrels, and other pollution) contact a regional water quality agency, such as the State Water Resources Control Board https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/, right away and report the nature and location of the problem.

  6. Organize or join a beach, stream, estuary, or wetland cleanup project.

  7. Participate in wetlands activity during the month of May to celebrate American Wetlands Month.

  8. Report illegal actions such as fill, clearing, or dumping to your regional water quality control board.

  9. Pick up all the litter you see and dispose of it in appropriate trash containers. Anything discarded can end up in a wetland and the sea. Litter has been known to kill and maim wildlife.

  10. Keep pollutants out of our waterways. Anything put into the ground will eventually find its way to the Bay. Learn about how our watersheds lead to the bay and the ocean beyond it. Keep these common items away from our watersheds: pet feces, toxic chemicals, fertilizers, motor oil, and litter.

  11. Use biodegradable washing detergents. Phosphates found in non-biodegradable substances encourage algae growth in our waters. Algae can suffocate aquatic life.

  12. Wherever possible, use non-toxic products instead of hazardous chemicals for your household and yard care. Don't spray lawn and garden chemicals outside on a windy day or near rainstorms. Rain can wash chemicals into the watershed.

  13. Recycle! Much of what you use - paper, cardboard, food containers, toys, clothes, water - can be recycled. Recycling keeps pollutants out of our watersheds.

  14. Donate to Marin Baylands Advocates! Help us protect our baylands, and our Bay.

More information about these and other suggestions can be found at: The United States Environmental Protection Agency