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About Marin Bayland Advocates

About Marin Bayland Advocates
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More than 90% of the original baylands surrounding San Francisco and San Pablo Bays have been cut off from the tides. Many of these lands and the habitats they provided have been permanently altered and cannot be restored to their historical status.

The 10,000+ acres of yet-undeveloped baylands surrounding San Pablo Bay (the northern part of San Francisco Bay) are critical to the survival of thousands of migratory shorebirds and waterfowl that yearly traverse the Pacific Flyway. They represent a unique opportunity to protect and enhance the habitats that sustain this wildlife, one property at a time.

Definition of the Marin Baylands
Baylands are lands that are subject to tidal action, or that once were subject to tidal action before they were diked for agriculture or filled for development. Comprised of tidal and seasonal wetlands, lagoons, low-lying grasslands and their associated uplands, these lands are all that remain of the once-extensive tidal and seasonal marshes that once lined the Bay.